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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Apr 4, 2022

#41 If you have spent any time in southeastern Wisconsin, you are familiar with the iconic store brand, Sendik’s. They have been serving the community since 1926. Today there are 17 stores throughout the region. With more openings planned. 


In this episode, we have a sit down with Ted Balistreri. Ted is the co-owner of Sendik’s and has played a huge role in the growth of the business over the past 20+ years. 


This is a great pod on a number of levels. The first is just the history of the company. It’s a great story of immigrants coming to America and succeeding. The second – is the insights from Ted on how he and his team have been able to grow the business even in the time of COVID. And finally, it was awesome getting his take on what’s ahead for this vertical. 


Ted killed it! Funny. Warm. Insightful. Especially in talking about how the Sendiks brand has been able to go up against some of the biggest players in the space and win. 


Thanks, Ted for hanging with us!


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🍺 Ted’s Pint: Sendik's Pale Ale, Milwaukee Brewing Company 

🍺 Kurt’s Pint: City Lights Brewing, Lager

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