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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Dec 21, 2023

#103 Brian Baker sits down with Kurt and Pat to talk about being a CEO at Sentry, the advantages of being a company-owned corporation, and his take on effective marketing. 

Looking for other great CEO podcasts check out episode #87 with Mickey Henninger, episode #81 with Kris Harrington, or #21 with Tammy Lee.

Dec 18, 2023

#102 Today we are sitting down with Kevin Hardman to talk about marketing places. We go deep into the brand Milwaukee and how we can take a good brand and make it great!


If you love talking about Milwaukee, check out our interview with Joshua Albrecht, VP of Marketing & Communications for Visit Milwaukee.


Kevin is...

Dec 11, 2023

#101 All the way from the great state of West Virginia, it’s the return of Jim Matuga.  In 2021, Jim made his first Over a Pint guest appearance, and we knew immediately at that time he needed to come back.  It may have taken a few years to twist his arm, but mission accomplished!


To say Jim has serious game is...

Dec 1, 2023

#100 Boom! How the heck did we get to 100 so fast? Seems like we just started, and now here we are! 


Well, y’all are in for a treat. For this special episode, Kurt and Pat sit down with Jean O’Toole. Jean is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Alverno College. 


We get into Jean’s background,...

Nov 20, 2023

#99 Natasha Misra is in a super competitive, male-dominated space – personal injury law. So how the heck is Natasha breaking through and growing her practice? That’s what we unpack in this episode of Over A Pint. 


Here’s what to listen for: 


✅How she started her business. 

✅How she figured out her brand.