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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Nov 29, 2021

#30 If you have spent any time in southeastern Wisconsin, you know the brand Sprecher Brewing. It’s the OG of the craft brewing market. 


Now, the brand has a new CEO and a new direction. And in this special episode of Over A Pint we get the chance to connect with Sharad Chadha to cover: 


🍺 His background and...

Nov 15, 2021

#29 Jessica Nunez is a badass talent! Pure and simple. 


At the age of 27 with a four-month-old baby, she decided on something crazy. To start her own communications agency!


Fast forward 15-years and Jessica is now at the head of one of the fastest-growing communications agencies in the country.

Nov 3, 2021

#28 The word storyteller is overused by too many folks that don’t really know much about storytelling. 


That’s not the case with Stacey Nash. This woman has got the goods! Check out this lineup of clients she has worked on: 


✅ Harley Davidson

✅ Northwestern Mutual 

✅ Lousiana State University 

✅ Jet...