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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jun 27, 2022

#49 Rich Gaffney, VP of Commercial Operations at Sentry Equipment joins the pod. And in this episode Rich shares his thoughts on sales, marketing, and how to build a trust bridge with customers. 


There are people in this world you just vibe with right from the beginning. Rich is one of those guys for us. 


Rich goes deep on: 


✅ Customer culture

✅ How to build trust with your customers

✅ Understanding where the customer wants to be

✅ The sales process at Sentry

✅The new customer journey

✅ The need for speed – even in manufacturing

✅ The relay race we are all running in business


There’s a lot in this episode so enjoy. And if you want more Rich Gaffney – because we all do, reach out to him on LinkedIn at:


All reviews are welcome so don’t be shy. 


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