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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

#51 Welcome back to another episode of Over A Pint…the best business podcast in Milwaukee!


Ok, this is a bit different than other episodes. That’s because Jody Summers is so different than anyone we have ever talked to. 


Honestly, he must be part cat, cuz the brother has lived a ton of different lives including stuntman, restaurant owner, and author of the wonderful Art of The Dead series of books. And that’s just part of it! 


Holy s%*t was this interesting. Right from the get-go, Kurt and I were blown away. This could have easily turned into a 4-hour interview. 


In this episode here’s what we cover: 


✅ The importance of 500 words for a day – put in the reps

✅ Why you should always be reading

✅ His process for writing 

✅ His steps in marketing the Jody Summers brand

✅ Why you need a multi-pronged approach 

✅ Love your fans

✅ How Jody uses cracks of time to get more done 


This show is not only for marketers. It’s awesome for writers or those who want to be writers. And those that want to build their personal brand. 


You’re going to love this!! And hey #surlybrewing let's collab!!


Reach out to Jody at or on LinkedIn at


Connect with the hosts:


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🍺 Jody’s Pint: Yuengling 

🍺 Kurt’s Pint: Tennent’s Lager

🍺 Pat’s Pint: Surly Brewing, Black Cherry Sour