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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Sep 23, 2021

#25: Apple is rolling out more changes with iOS. And these changes will have a big impact on marketers. But does all this mean? And what can marketers do to keep up? 


Don’t sweat it. We gotchu!


In this episode of Over A Pint, we break it all down with the help of Jason Morton and Astra Newton from Web Presence Digital. They are a digital agency based in the United Kingdom. 


They have recently created a great e-book that covers everything you want and need to know about the iOS updates in detail. And just in time. 


We asked them on the show to talk through what’s going on. And what marketers need to do moving forward. 


If you are investing in digital’ll want to have a listen. 


Here’s the link to e-book.


If you are a regular to the show you might remember the team from Web Presence. They were on episode number 9. 


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