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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

May 17, 2023

#77 Y’all are in for a treat. We got the amazing Gretchen Jameson on the pod and whoa what a force! And what a career!!


From a high school teacher to starting her own business. To Sr. Vice President of Strategy at Concordia University-Wisconsin. To Chief Learning Office at the Kacmarcik Center For Human Performance. To Vice President at RippleWorx and Founder & Principal at G3-Strategy!


And the common thread that ties all of this together for Gretchen – is her focus on helping people find and cultivate the best version of themselves. 


You’re going to love this episode because we cover so much. Here’s what to listen for:


✔ Her thoughts on branding 

✔ Career changes and when knowing when it’s time to move on 

✔ The absolute changes needed in higher education 

✔ Her insights on how she helped to launch the Kacmarcik Center For Human Performance 

✔ Her insights on how she launched her own business – twice

✔ Her secrets to getting the most out of her day


Along with all of that, there are two things really blew us away about Gretchen. One is her ability to blend strategy and tactics in order to drive results. Two, her ease of moving from sector to sector. 


She makes it look easy…but this woman works her ass off!


Connect with Gretchen reach out here:

G 3-Strategy:


✅ Connect with Kurt at:

✅ Connect with Pat at:



🍺 Gretchen’s Pint: Water

🍺 Kurt’s Pint: Bofferding

🍺 Pat’s Pint: Wisconsin Brewing, Yankee IPA


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