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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Nov 20, 2023

#99 Natasha Misra is in a super competitive, male-dominated space – personal injury law. So how the heck is Natasha breaking through and growing her practice? That’s what we unpack in this episode of Over A Pint. 


Here’s what to listen for: 


✅How she started her business. 

✅How she figured out her brand. 

Nov 13, 2023

#98 On this episode the OAP crew sit down with Dr. Peter Gonzalez (Dr. Pete). Dr. Pete runs a successful chiropractic practice, North Point Chiropractic. So how did he and his team do it? 


We get into it. 


✅ How Dr. Pete approaches marketing 

✅ What has been working to help build his practice

✅ How he goes...

Nov 3, 2023

#97 What does it take to market a minor-league baseball team? This is your chance to find out how it’s done. Joining the OAP crew is Bryan Giese – Marketing and Communications for the Lake County DockHounds. 


He covers:


✅How he broke into the business

✅The team he built and how it works throughout...