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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Oct 26, 2023

#96 The OAP boys had the privilege of sitting down with Burt Levy. And wow did Burt deliver a boatload of wisdom. 


It’s the kind of wisdom that only someone who has been in the game a long time can deliver. 


We touch on: 


✅How to network 

✅How to treat others in the workplace

✅Understanding that your brand...

Oct 17, 2023

#95 Join us as we have a gab session with the president of Granular Marketing, Steve Kroll. We discuss how Steve got into the space. What Granular does and how it stands out as an agency. We even touch on where things are going in the paid performance space. Grab a pint and belly up!


Reach out to Steve at:

Oct 5, 2023

#94 Grab your favorite pint glass and belly up to this little piece of gold. Kurt and Pat sit down with Tim Fitzpatrick. Tim is an entrepreneur and founder of Rialto Marketing – an agency that provides marketing consulting and fractional CMO services for B2B companies. 


We cover:


👉 What is a fractional CMO and...