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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Nov 3, 2021

#28 The word storyteller is overused by too many folks that don’t really know much about storytelling. 


That’s not the case with Stacey Nash. This woman has got the goods! Check out this lineup of clients she has worked on: 


✅ Harley Davidson

✅ Northwestern Mutual 

✅ Lousiana State University 

✅ Jet Blue


And that’s just a start!


Stacey’s work also includes NBC Olympics, A&E's Accused: Guilty or Innocent, Crossfit Games, Soledad O'Brien's Matter of Fact along with various shows on VH1, MTV and Bravo.


The Wall St. Journal has called her work -- check this -- “strangely riveting.” 


Yeah, she knows a thing or two about how to tell a story! And in this episode, we dig into her approach and how she does what she does! Plus you get to find out her two favorite documentaries.


Stacey is an amazing talent and was a pure joy to interview! 


You can reach out to her at:


Connect with Kurt at:

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Stacey’s Pint: Southern Tier Pumpking

Kurt’s Pint: Raised Grain, Black Walnut Stout

Pat’s Pint: New Glarus, Kid Kolsch