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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

#32 On today’s show we are so excited to have on the Marketing Director for Ansay International, Rob Ebert. This one is filled with so many great insights and ideas. We were lucky to have him on and spend some time with Rob. We talk about: 


🍺 Rob’s early day as a journalist and the advantages that gave him

🍺 Why relationships are so critical in business and in life

🍺 How he and his team launched a campaign here in the states for Bofferding Beer

🍺 Where he is going to be investing marketing dollars in the future

🍺 And the time he met Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford


Buckle up, grab a Bofferding and enjoy the pod. 


Reach out to Rob on LinkedIn:

✅ Connect with Kurt at:

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✅ For this one we are all drinking Bofferding