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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Nov 29, 2021

#30 If you have spent any time in southeastern Wisconsin, you know the brand Sprecher Brewing. It’s the OG of the craft brewing market. 


Now, the brand has a new CEO and a new direction. And in this special episode of Over A Pint we get the chance to connect with Sharad Chadha to cover: 


🍺 His background and what he learned working with some of the biggest brands on the planet

🍺 His thoughts on branding

🍺 His plans for taking the brand global

🍺 The need for a good, better, best strategy

🍺 How to find and hire the right team members for your organization 


Sharad is super passionate and authentic. This is a masterclass in business. Enjoy the episode. 


To connect with Sharad, reach out here:


✅ Connect with Kurt at:

✅ Connect with Pat at:

✅ Connect with Brian at:


✅ Sharad’s Pint: Sprecher, Black Bavarian and Hefe Weiss

✅ Kurt’s Pint: Sprecher, Black Bavarian

✅ Pat’s Pint: Sprecher, Black Bavarian

✅ Brian’s Pint: Sprecher, Root Beer