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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Oct 11, 2021

#26 In this episode we are joined by Luke Kloberdanz and Zach Davis. Luke is Director of Philanthropy for the Ice Age Trail Alliance, the organization that helps build, protect and promote Wisconsin’s 1000+ mile Ice Age National Scenic Trail.  And Zach is the Founder of the super successful media company The Trek, a media company dedicated to thru-hikers and long-distance backpacking enthusiasts


We get back to the great outdoors (an area we love) and talk about The Mammoth Hike Challenge, where folks are encouraged to hike, walk, run, or backpack 41 miles on the Ice Age Trai National Scenic Trail l during the month of October 2021 and visit three of its Trail Communities (make sure you check it out). We’ll also chat about what’s been happening in the outdoor category since COVID-19 paid all of us a little visit.  If you are into the outdoors you are going to love it!  


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✅ Luke’s Pint: New Glarus, Moon Man 

✅ Kurt’s Pint: Fermentorium, Stone Hearth Dunkleweizen

✅ Pat’s Pint: Fermentorium, Oktoberfest