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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jul 5, 2022

This is a big one!! For starters, this is our 50th episode of Over A Pint. So there’s that!! Special shout out to Kurt Lingel, Brian Meehan, and the entire crew over at Celtic for making this happen.  


On top of that, we have the amazing Victoria Simmons talking about one of our very favorite topics – travel. 


Victoria is a force in the travel space. She has worked on Maine, Wyoming, West Virginia, the Dominican Republic, Reno/Tahoe, Utah…and that’s just the start! Yeah, she is kind of a big deal in this sector. 


In our conversation, we cover:


✅ The upcoming recession and its impact on travel 

✅ The need for brands to adopt Value-based Positioning 

✅ Why now is the exact right time for brand ambassadors

✅ The evolving role of travel websites

✅ The big opportunity for challenger brands 

✅ The importance of finding your “one thing” 


We walked away with a bagful of insights. And so will you. If you’re in travel – ya gotta listen. 


And when you’re done and need some more juicy pieces of travel-related content. Here ya go: 


The State of Travel 

How to Market a Destination 

Promoting a 1200 Mile Hiking Trail 


One last thing…all reviews are welcome so don’t be shy. 


Reach out to Victoria at: The Current or on LinkedIn.


Connect with the hosts:


✅ Kurt at:

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🍺Victoria’s Pint: Abita Brewing, Amber

🍺Kurt’s Pint: Roadhouse Brewing, Wilson Mountain Style IPA

🍺 Pat’s Pint: Surly Brewing, Mango Supreme