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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

#40 Jennifer Simmons is back! And what a great guest to have for our 40th episode. Once again Jennifer is bringing 🔥 🔥  🔥 for our listeners. In this episode, we go deep into the “Uber” trends impacting the travel industry. 


Understanding and being aware of the great shifts occurring is critical if you are a travel marketer. But being aware of the trends is only one-half of the equation…


Marketers also need to know what to do. And in this episode, we deliver both! Because in today’s world…the same old playbook just won’t cut it. 


As always, Jennifer comes prepared and delivers a TON of value in this episode. So grab a notebook and pen and get ready to start taking notes. Class is about to begin!


If you missed Jennifer’s first episode, take a listen:


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