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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Sep 19, 2022

#56 You ready for this one? Cuz we are serving up a podcast with a Scoville Rating of 20,000. 


In the v-studio: The Hein Family, Marc, Richard, Jason, and Jeremy. 


We couldn’t wait to get this crew in front of a mic to hear their story.  Let’s face it marketing a salsa brand can’t be easy. And yet…they are finding success. 


How are they doing it? 


Have a listen and find out. Want to find out more about their salsa, check it out here. I’ve had the Papa’s Original. Awesome. 


If you want to talk to Marc directly, we gotchu. Here's his number: 630.414.7633. 


Connect with the hosts:


✅ Kurt at:

✅ Pat at:


Looking to find out m


🍺Marc’s Pint: New Glarus Brewing, Spotted Cow

🍺Jeremy’s Pint: Odell Brewing, Peach Stand Rambler

🍺Kurt’s Pint: Modello 

🍺Pat’s Pint: Lakefront Brewery, Hazy Rabbit, IPA


Need some more protein in your diet? We got it for you. Head on over and fill your ear holes with plenty of Over A Pint episodes. 


Looking to be on the show? Reach out to us and let us know!


Want us to plug your beer or beverage on the show? Let’s talk!!


BTW did you know that Scoville ratings go as high as 16,000,000? WTF. That is literally a flaming pile of Napalm. True fact!