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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jun 7, 2021

Get ready for this one...because we pack it in. 

On this show, we have not one. Not two. But three guests on the pod.

We are joined by:

Belle Bergner: Belle is the Executive Director at North American Invasive Species Association. 

Krista Lutzke: PlayCleanGo Manager at North American Invasive Species Association. 

Rich Hohne: Director of Marketing at Oboz Footwear

If you think you have it hard marketing and selling your product...try educating people on the issues of invasive species!

We hit on: 

  • The work performed by North American Invasive Species Association and its connection to PlayCleanGo
  • Why partnerships are such a critical element when it comes to marketing -- especially in this space!
  • Community-based social marketing efforts and best practices. 
  • PlayCleanGo Awareness Week runs from June 5 -- June 12th and highlights the issues with invasive species. 
  • The importance of knowing “who you are” as a brand to tell the best stories that connect with your customers. 

The guests were great. And if you enjoy the’ll want to have a listen. 

Lastly...there were a couple audio hiccups. Thanks for rolling with it. 

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Find out more about invasive species and what you can do to stop the spread at:

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Kurt’s Pint: Fuel Cafe Coffee Stout from Lakefront Brewery
Brian’s Pint: Smithwick’s (pronounced 'smith-icks') 
Pat’s Pint: Cream City Brix from Enlightened Brewing Company