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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Mar 22, 2022

#39 We were lucky enough to get a few minutes with Julie Gau. Julie is the Director of Marketing Technology at Children’s Wisconsin. 


For those not familiar with Children’s – within the healthcare space this is the Nike of brands. 


Julie has an impressive career – one that spans travel, banking, and, of course, healthcare. 


In our sitdown, we go into the role of product marketing and the intersection between marketing and IT. 


We were blown away by Julie’s passion and knowledge. And the work that she and her team are working on is one of the reasons Children’s is such a well-respected and admired brand. 


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Julie’s pint: Tea (She had a performance evaluation later in the day. We didn’t want her smashed.)

Kurt’s pint: Bofferding

Pat’s pint: Surly Brewing, Mango Supreme