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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jul 6, 2021

Jim Matuga has got some serious game. Check it out:

President and Founder of InnerAction Media

Author of Marketing Matters

Host of the popular national podcast Positively West Virginia

Columnist for The State Journal in West Virginia 

Former General Manager at WBOY-TV

Head Coach for Miracle League Baseball for over 20-years

And that’s just a start.  

We were so excited to have Jim on Over a Pint! Not only is he knowledgeable...Jim is a genuinely super nice guy!

Given his crazy success with Positively West Virginia (he already has produced over 250 episodes) we spent time digging in and learning what it takes to run a successful podcast. 

Jim’s fire takeaways: 

🔥 Know your audience. This can change and expand over time. 

🔥 Be consistent -- whatever schedule you set, stick to it. 

🔥 Production values matter...but don’t go crazy, don’t make them a crutch.

🔥 Continue to push and make improvements along the way. 

🔥 What creative connections can you develop to expand your reach? 

Jim also talks about how he markets the podcast and his wheel and spoke approach to business.

So much value in this episode. Grab a pint, have a listen then please hit subscribe. Thanks so much. 

Connect with Jim at: or call him: 304.288.1503

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Jim’s Pint: Hoo's Your Daddy IPA, Screech Owl Brewing 

Kurt’s Pint: Black Walnut Belgian Imperial Stout, Raised Grain Brewery

Brian’s Pint: Smithwick’s (pronounced 'smith-icks') 

Pat’s Pint: Waterslides IPA, 3 Sheeps Brewery