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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

May 24, 2022

#46 What a show! Jamie is the founder of Nourish Natural Products – a full line of organic products for your body and home. This space is a white-hot space -- and super competitive. Despite this, since Nourish launched, the brand has been exploding with double-digit growth year over year. 


That’s bananas and we had to find out more. And we do!


We cover: 

  • Jamie’s origin story with the brand
  • The importance of knowing your customer – and how Jamie goes about staying plugged in
  • The need to focus on your strengths and outsource the rest
  • Her take on how to be successful 
  • Content she is consuming for business and pleasure 
  • What a typical day looks like for a successful entrepreneur
  • The definition of winning – it might be different than what you think


Jamie is a big-hearted person that was so open and generous with her insights. We know you are going to love listening to her. 


And if you haven’t yet, check out Nourish online or in stores near you.


Connect with Jamie over at LinkedIn:


And on Insta: Nourish Natural Products


Jamie is the latest in a line of badass businesswomen that we were fortunate enough to have on the show. So, if you're vibing with Jamie, you might also like our convos with: 


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🍺 Jamie’s Pint: Sipwith, Lavender and Honey

🍺 Kurt’s Pint: Central Waters, Coffee Stout

🍺 Pat’s Pint: Blue Moon, Light Sky