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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Dec 5, 2022

#64 On this pod, innovator, president, and co-founder of MobCraft, Henry Schwartz. This is a good one…like two pints good. 


Henry’s story blew us away. He talks to us about how he started backpacking across the world while still a kid. And how this experience helped to make him a better marketer. 


He shares his story about designing and selling skateboards on the playground. And then how he went on to buy a skateboarding shop at age 16!!


He talks about the idea for MobCraft and his time on Shark Tank. Yeah, Mark Cuban actually spit out some of his beer onto the floor of the stage! Classic Cuban. 


The stories are great, his business insights are awesome and as far as the brews MobCraft is brewing up these days … they are out-of-this-world delicious!


One common thread that runs through Henry’s career: Find out what your customers are willing to spend money on and build more of that! Simple, right? 


BTW folks, if you haven’t already, order your MobCraft Beer Calendar ASAP as supplies are down to the final few.  These things absolutely rock as a gift for your loved one, super bar stool bud … or hell, YOURSELF!


And finally, ALL ROADS LEAD TO MOBCRAFT on DEC 10 for the much anticipated Stout Fest!  Bust out your ugliest sweater and join MobCraft Beer for a celebration of Stouts!


This is the perfect episode to get you into the holiday spirit. So enjoy. And enjoy the pod with a MobCraft brew. 


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