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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

We’re talking with Bublr Bikes executive director, James Davies. 

As a lawyer by trade, James is a tireless advocate for Bublr Bikes and all things bike-sharing-related!


Hey, we all know Wisconsinites love to drink from a bubbler.  So, it makes perfect sense we should also love to ride on something called a Bublr Bike too! 


Bublr Bikes is Milwaukee’s bike share program. Beyond the health benefits, experiencing a city on two wheels vs. by car allows you to … well, to better experience all the hidden gems that a city has to offer.  And with 86 bike stations and over 600 bikes (and more coming folks), Bublr Bikes is the perfect way to get around the Brew City whether you’re working or playing.


On the show, James discusses:

  • Who Benefits from Bike Sharing?  Businesses, individuals, and our community
  • How Bublr finds creative and effective ways to share their story and market the program
  • And finally, how to get started and hope on one of these light blue two-wheelers!


Whether you’re down by Bradford Beach, hanging out on Milwaukee’s Eastside or taking a lunch break downtown you can’t miss seeing one of these bikes.  Similar to the Sendiks red bag, the blue shade of Bublr’s bikes has been putting its brand statement on our city!


So, hop on, grab a pint (not while peddling of course) and have a listen to this awesome interview.  And be sure to subscribe!


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