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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jun 14, 2021

B2B marketing space is where some of the best and most innovative marketing will come from in the next 3-5 years. This space is undergoing an overhaul. Those that buy in will thrive. Others…the road ahead will be rough. In this podcast, we get a masterclass on B2B marketing tactics from Richard Hein. 

 Richard is a marketing pro with tours of duty at some of the biggest brands in the business: GE, Johnson Control, Metal-Era, and Honeywell just to name a few…

 In this episode we hit on: 

  1.  The evolving role of marketing in B2B organizations -- spoiler alert it’s so much more than your company brochure. 
  2. Customer journeys and moments of truth.
  3. Knowing your audience and translating that knowledge to your website.
  4. How to connect sales and marketing to achieve your goals.
  5. The two biggest challenges facing nearly all B2B organizations.
  6. How he is building his team to take advantage of the surge in business.
  7. Marketing’s new role: recruitment. 
  8. Why you need a content calendar.

Damn…we cover a lot in this show and provide a TON of great insights and practical tips. So grab a pen and notepad for all the notes you will want to take and enjoy the show!

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Richard’s Pint: Moon Man -- New Glarus Brewing 

Kurt’s Pint: 3 Sheeps Brewing – Cashmere-Hammer Nitro Stout

Brian’s Pint: Smithwick’s (pronounced 'smith-icks') 

Pat’s Pint: Guinness