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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jun 1, 2021

Rob Coughlin is on a mission -- to get more diversity into the outdoors. “If the outdoor industry doesn’t get more people that don’t look like the four of us out there...we’re going to be missing out.” 


Rob is the General Manager of Granite Gear. A rock-solid midwestern company that produces bags for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors. In this episode, we take a 3,000-foot overview of the outdoor business and how Granite Gear is positioning itself for the future. 


We cover: 


✅Empathy for the customer and the barriers preventing some groups from getting out into nature.

✅Why the outdoor industry needs to focus more on diversity and inclusion and what Granite Gear is doing to walk the talk. 

✅How to get people to not just try the brand -- but believe in the brand. 

✅And Rob’s insights on the future of the outdoor market. 


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Rob’s Pint: Jameson Irish Whiskey

Kurt’s Pint: 3 Sheeps Brewing – Cashmere-Hammer Nitro Stout

Brian’s Pint: 3 Sheeps Brewing – Cashmere-Hammer Nitro Stout

Pat’s Pint: Cream City Brix from Enlightened Brewing Company