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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

May 18, 2021

Wondering what’s up with the craft beer business in Milwaukee? In this episode of Over A Pint we have a GREAT sit-down with the super-talented, Margaret Naczek. 

Margaret covers the beer beat for Milwaukee Business Journal and this was a total masterclass on what’s been happening with micro-breweries throughout the area. For anyone that is involved in this space...this is a must listen to episode. 

We cover: 

✅ Breweries pre, during and post-pandemic

✅ The rise of "micro-micro"-breweries

✅ How breweries pivoted during the pandemic

✅ Spontaneous fermentation (yeah, that’s a thing)

✅ Gaps in the Milwaukee craft beer market 

✅ The craft side of the bigger brands 


Grab a pint of your favorite. Sit back and have a listen. And when you’re done...please hit subscribe. 

One more thing...if there are any guests you would like us to get on the show -- let us know. 

Thanks for listening!

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Kurt’s Pint: Third Space Brewing – Upward Spiral

Kurt was wearing a Rock Cut Brewing t-shirt 

Brian’s Pint: 3 Sheeps Brewing – Cashmere-Hammer Nitro Stout

Pat’s Pint: Cream City Brix from Enlightened Brewing Company