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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jun 15, 2022

#48 Doug Clark is back! And what an episode it is. If you are a follower of the pod, you might remember Doug from episode number 5. If you haven’t consumed that one…go ahead and do it now. It was awesome. 


That episode looked at the higher ed landscape from a 3,000 ft level. What’s working. What’s not. And the changes institutions need to make to survive. 


This episode is a bit different. It’s a case study on how Doug and the team at Loyola have used the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament to drive awareness and enrollment for the university. 


The story and insights alone make for a great pod. But it gets even better!


Right before the tournament started, an independent film crew launched The Loyola Project. A documentary film focusing on the 1963 Loyola Ramblers and their quest for the championship. 


This story is UNBELIEVABLE and it works on so many levels. It’s a great basketball story. A great come-from-behind underdog story. The profile of the players is awesome. And it’s a sad story of race and the way players were treated. 


Marketing during March Madness is exciting enough. But to have a movie that deals with your university at the same time – well, that’s bananas!! 


From a marketer’s standpoint – this is literally lightning in a bottle. And in this pod, Doug shares how they pulled things together to make the most of this amazing opportunity.


Here at OAP we kind of nerd out on the higher ed space. If you’re one of us…settle in for this one. It won’t disappoint. 


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