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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Jul 31, 2022

#52 Welcome and get comfy – you’re in for a treat. Dean Stier is in the virtual house with us and the brother is delivering nothin’ but pure gold. 


Who is Dean Stier? Dean is currently the Director of Marketing at IEWC – a major manufacturer of wire and cable.

And he is bringing a whole new perspective to marketing. Wow did we learn a ton on this show. 


Not only that but listening to Dean confirms our thesis – the best marketing over the next 10-ish years, will be done in the B2B space.

Don’t believe me…you will after you get Dean in your ears!


Here’s what to listen for:


✅ The role of marketing at IEWC

✅ The role of the website 

✅ Brand, Product, and Growth – the 3 areas where Dean is spending his time 

✅ How organizations need to think about culture

✅ How to keep a team focused on the right priorities


We have been killin’ it with guests in manufacturing. So go ahead and binge on some of our past solid gold episodes like: 


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🍺 Kurt’s Pint: Central Waters, Brewhouse Coffee Stout

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