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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Aug 29, 2022

#55 Dave Gee is in the house. And bringing fire to the pod. 


Dave is an impressive guy. Check it: 


✅Serial entrepreneur 

✅Co-Director of the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Launch Pad program that teaches entrepreneurship to students

✅Ad agency owner

✅CEO & Founder of

Amazon best-selling author


And that’s just scratching the surface. 


Dave gives us his insights into higher education and entrepreneurship. And how the entrepreneurial mindset might just save higher education. 


Here are some things to be listening for: 


✅ The current state of higher education 

✅ Why higher ed institutions need to fully embrace online or else

✅ How Dave goes about starting businesses and the framework he uses

✅ How Dave teaches entrepreneurship and the “bug list”

✅ What it takes to make it as an entrepreneur

✅ The coming 2025 demographic cliff and what it means for higher ed


There’s so much great content in this one, you may need two pints!


Connect with Dave at or on Linkedin at:


Connect with the hosts:


✅ Kurt at:

✅ Pat at:


🍺Dave’s Pint: Mobcraft and Dusterbeck’s Brewery Company, Nutty Bill’s

🍺Kurt’s Pint: Asheville Brewing Company, Perfect Day IPA

🍺Pat’s Pint: Wisconsin Brewing Badger Club Amber 


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