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Over A Pint Marketing Podcast

Apr 14, 2022

#42 Brands live in a complicated world. They need to consider both online and offline.

Think about it all the different touchpoints a customer can have with a brand. There’s the website. The call center. The catalog. The bill. The store. Customer service. The list goes on. 


Screw up in just one of those areas…the likelihood that your customer will

leave and move on to your competition goes up…dramatically. 


Ok, but the customer experience is just one part of the story. To develop a strong

customer experience…brands need to consider the employee experience! Are you

starting to get a headache yet? 


Like we said, it’s complicated…but it’s not going away. So, what can marketers do? What action

steps can be taken? Well…listen to this episode and get the scoop.


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